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Our Prices

Domain Name Registration with agency* $15/year
Franklybetter Design registers domains free of charge n/c
Domain Name setup $50
HTML - planning and design $67/hour
Art - creation, design, scanning $67/hour
Programming - CGI, Java, Perl, ASP, PHP etc. $95/hour
Other Consulting $67/hour
Hosting Plans
Unix or WinNT $10 - $200/month and up
We are familiar with the options offered by the many hosting companies but we are not tied to any one.   We can arrange for your hosting with the most cost effective packages available anywhere.   After evaluating your needs, we will match them with the most technically correct choice.   The choice that will fulfill your present and future needs while keeping an eye on your budget.   You will have everything one would need to have a professional web site.   Your own domain name, plenty of storage space, allowance for enough traffic every month, enough POP3 email accounts and alias email accounts to go around, 24 hour ftp access, full server side execution capability, and daily tape backups.   If needed, you can also have a package that offers more sophisticated features, such as a shopping cart, SSL secure server, CyberCash intergration, MySQL databases, and media streaming.   If you need MicroSoft-only features such as Access, Active Server Pages, MSSQL, and dsn ODBC connections, we can arrange that as well.   Contact us for more information.
*The agencies appointed by the government to control domain names
charges an initial $30 fee on NEW domains which entitles you to the
domain for 2 years. There is a $15 per year ownership fee after the
initial 2 years. Subject to change.