Franklybetter Design offers Internet, intranet and World Wide Web consulting services.   We can help you make informed decisions concerning your company's strategy for creating an online presence.   Ask about our free one-hour consultation meeting to develop a preliminary plan for the scope, schedule and cost of your project.   If you want to build an online store to sell items, we offer consulting that explains your options of various e-commerce solutions.  

Franklybetter Design is also skilled in back-end solutions, we can make your Web site interact with database files from many different platforms.   Feel free to contact us for any of your Internet / Intranet needs.   We offer custom solutions and therefore custom pricing but check our online prices for ballpark budgeting numbers.  

If your needs extend beyond the normal website, we can help you there too.   Maybe you need to program a PLC for an industrial process control and interface the resulting information to an Internet / Intranet site.   We can do that, we have done that, many times.   What do you need? We probably can help.  


You need a good website and you need it fast.   You require one that is easily navigated and with rock solid programming.   One that can present your goods with the extra flair they deserve.   We can deliver because we have the experience and the skills necessary for "on time - under budget" projects that work.   We keep content and presentation working hand in hand for interesting and interactive communication.   Our solutions range from simple static content to dynamic "generated on the fly" content delivery.


We arrange hosting on Linux and Windows platforms.   Our Web site hosting can also include e-commerce solutions, for clients who want to conduct business-to-business transactions, or business-to-consumer e-commerce.   Franklybetter Design offers many different hosting plans but custom refined depending on your needs. All include your own domain name, some email addresses, at least 50 mb of space, daily tape backup, and use of our custom cgi scripts.   Contact us for more detail about a plan for you.


Franklybetter Design can provide its customers special custom programming.   Our programmers provide solutions in databases like Microsoft Access, MS SQL and mySQL.   We offer CGI programming in Perl, Visual Basic, Java, C/C++, etc.   Our scripting can range from HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, and ASP etc.   Visit our online Portfolio for some examples of our coding.