Sample Websites
We believe in building sites that are clean, functional, and provide end-users with quick access to the appropriate information.   Our design philosophy can be seen in the following examples of our work.   Click on them to visit the actual site.   If you think we can help your company, please contact us for more information.

Click to Visit Hatbox Photography Hatbox Photography
A few years ago when Hatbox Photography needed to establish credibility, the website we developed for them did that quickly.   It projected their style to the world and the world responded favorably.   Soon people within driving distance of their studio began to recognize a Hatbox picture without being told.

Click to Visit Green Country Water Garden Society. Green Country Water Garden Society
The Green Country Water Garden Society (GCWGS) was founded as a non-profit affiliate of the Tulsa Garden Center in May 1991.  The objective of the Society is to promote interest, appreciation and enjoyment of ponds and their wildlife throughout northeast Oklahoma.  Their website helps them do that.


If you need Dynamic pages that are generated on-the-fly depending on the viewer's input, call us.   Our solutions are developed using Perl, CGI, PHP, ASP, VB, C/C++ and all those other letters we all love to say.   We have the ability and experience to build interactive web designs that work, and are easy to manage.   We can supply your needs, whichever server operating system you prefer.   Internet, intranet, LAN, WAN, PLC, Fiberoptics, Instrumentation, Automation, GUI,   -   what do you need?

no public access Corporate Intranet
An international corporation needed to view product shipping schedules in real time throughout the company. SOLUTION: Use the existing corporate network infrastructure and add IIS to serve web pages. ASP was used to accept data input from shipping personnel and automatically store it in an SQL Server database. More ASP's generated the updated shipping schedule pages on demand and accepted further inputs from sites that were authorized to update the information.

no public access Production Floor to Office
A company's front office wanted to keep tabs on an automated process controlled by PLC's. SOLUTION: A Visual Basic program with an ActiveX monitors the PLC data tables and pushes the information over the intranet to a database. Active Server Pages use the archived data in the database to immediately generate graphic representations on any networked computer.